After 20+ years in the advertising industry, I have had the honour to work on some of the world’s most beloved brands.
What started as a desire to create work that helped brands endear themselves in the lives of consumers, slowly turned into a deeper passion for the mining of relatable human insights.

I started as a writer and an artist, then became a graphic designer, before quickly becoming an art director. I returned to my true love of writing while living in Europe and eventually became a creative leader – and a champion of collaboration.

Having been recognized by most major industry award shows, invited to speak around the world including guest lecturing at colleges and universities, I decided it was my ambition to create work that actually works. Instead of aiming to win awards, I made it my mission to help clients transform their businesses, increase sales and win customers. Call me an idealist.

Over 10 years ago I hypothesized something I quickly coined ‘Creative by the Numbers’, a process by which we could utilize data-science & analytics to uncover real-time insights, distilling the numbers/data into ideas and executions that would instantly resonate both with clients/partners and most importantly consumers. Simply put, Creative by the Numbers works to help create smarter, better, faster, internet speed creative solutions..

I am a shameless cheerleader for positivity and optimism – holding firm to my belief that when a group of people come together with a shared vision combined with inspired leadership and a tirelessly passionate attitude, anything is possible.

Specialties: Creative strategy & strategic creative. Storytelling, story building, design and typography. Writing both long form and short form. Mentoring students, and constantly scouring the globe for pop and sub culture waves.

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